In my website, I use the term yakuzenmedicinal food, or medicinal dish. Either term means just the same.

Anyway, what is "yakuzen"

Yes. Most of you who kindly visit my website would experience to have this question above. 

The term, medicinal food, makes us imagine like bitter medicine or less tasty food with almost no seasoning that could be served at hospitals. Actually, these imaginations go far beyond what it really is.

Medicinal food/medicinal dish is the name I actually created by translating yakuzen in Japanese. I kept thinking how I could translate yakuzen into English by keeping an actual meaning of the Japanese term as there was no English term, as far as I know, to replace.

Yakuzen is just an ingredient or a recipe that can work as a remedy without any help from actual medicine. In a moderate way, just choosing ingredients in season or in need is simplest and modified-way of practicing medicinal food living.

For example, one of your family members has a high cholesterol. For this symptom, if you know sardines can gradually reduce cholesterol, you could think of some tasty recipe with sardine for your family. See? How simple! You have practiced medicinal food living already without notice!

Now, more deeply and officinally, what is it?

In summary, yakuzen is based on the oriental medicinal theory, and is a meal cooked with considerations of each ingredient's function and natural extracts. How yakuzen works for you is as follows:

  • To maintain our health
  • To prevent illness
  • To enhance recovery from particular illness
  • To combat aging (anti-aging)

The oriental medicinal theory teaches us that every single thing and human being is made of one unit, and is influenced by inside and outside, Go-Gyo (List of Five Elements), seasonsqi (energy), ying and yang, and emotions, etc. When a balance of one unit is lost, you would be considered that you are ill in oriental medicinal theory and oriental medicinal doctors would prescribe a special recipe for you to recover from particular illness. This special recipe is known as yakuzen.

Practicing yakuzen is one of the following four ways of treatments that you would be given from oriental medicinal doctors when you become ill:

  • Prescribing medicine
  • Practicing yakuzen
  • Acupuncture/Acupressure
  • Qigong, etc.

If your symptoms don't require actual western medicine, yakuzen would be your first choice of treatment. Easy and cost-effective prescription at home!

Gradually adjusting a balance of human body, mind and soul is the ultimate goal and pleasure of yakuzen.