"remedial spoon" is dedicated to food and food-related curiosities from a yakuzen/medicinal food/medicinal dish point of view.

My yakuzen service shares what yakuzen is, and how we can maximize our health and beauty by choosing and cooking right ingredients at right times for particular symptoms.

Yakuzen is not a special food. Almost anything edible can be medicinal food. The only difference between a regular diet and a medicinal food is this: medicinal food focuses on the way we combine, cook, and understand each ingredient's function when we consume. You probably don't need to see your doctors anymore if you believe food as medicine to keep being healthy and beautiful from inside and outside.

It's not just all about a theory. It's about rules to eat. Simply, it's just about ordinary food ingredients which have medicinal functions and hidden potentials to work as remedy to our body and mind.

Not only just eating but appreciating every ingredient is my policy when I face to food. Food is our natural remedy that can keep our total balance. Every ingredient has its function and a meaning of being taken into our body. They give us energy and work properly to build what we are.

As a yakuzen consultant, I would like my service, "remedial spoon," to be the place to share what I know and learn what I don't know from you.

I hope my service will leave some spoonful of hints here and there in your mind. Let's enjoy eating and being healthy and beautiful at the same time!