Yakuzen concept: Filling winter

Interestingly enough, I believe the season you were born in relates to who you are and what you like.

I was born in winter. I love being in the cold weather and am good at being patient with chilly winter while I hate being in the hot and humid summer. I love winter vegetables. People I know who were born in winter have mellow personality, calm, and peaceful mind.

Winter is the season where we should keep out body warm and eat supplement our survival power in life. To response to the cold and dry climate, yakuzen concept recommends to eat ingredients that can keep our body warm. Vegetables with spicy taste can improve blood circulation.

To prepare for active spring and maintain strength in winter, yam or lamb meat. Ingredients in black color can supply survival power and immune strength. Yakuzen also suggests that we should take vegetables containing minerals such as root vegetables in season by cooking in heat.

Key words for winter ingredients in yakuzen concept:

  • Ingredients in black for maintaining hormone balance, growth, reproductive system: black sesame, black rice, black beans,seaweed, shiitake mashroom, black sugar, etc.
  • Supporting symptoms by analeptic: yam, egg yolk, lamb, shrimp, beef, etc.
  • Spicy taste: cinnamon, ginger, green onion, pepper, garlic, red pepper, etc.

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