Yakuzen concept: Active spring

Spring has come without notice and June is approaching quickly. After giving birth of my first baby, I feel that I have no sense of day and time. 

In spring, the blood circulation becomes great, and every organ in our body wakes up from winter and becomes very active. Many freshmen in school and work start their new life in April, and they likely get tired of working hard to meet the criteria of being good students or excellent workers after getting used to their new life. Depression is one of issues in Spring. From yakuzen point of view, depression and being tired of new life are caused by spring defeating our mental status and our body system. 

What to avoid to lose the body balance and what to do to maintain our peaceful state, yakuzen teaches as follows:

  • Avoid cold drinks and cold ingredients.
  • Eat warm ingredients.
  • Avoid rich taste (Don't use a lot of salt, soy sauce, etc.)
  • Eat simple taste.
  • Eat seasonal ingredients.
  • Take natural sweetness.

Keywords for spring ingredients in yakuzen concept:

  • Cleaning blood: celery, mint, crown daisy, citrus fruits, etc. 
  • Symptoms caused by wind: ginger, green onion, parsley, shiso, etc.
  • Sweet taste: cabbage, carrot, honey, bamboo shoot, turnip, peanut, tear grass, etc.

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