Yakuzen concept: Moist fall

After humid and hot summer and long rainy season is over, fall approaches us. Yakuzen concept is closely related to four seasons and I can reasonably understand why yakuzen is closely attached to them. 

The wind blowing brings dry air, and leaves turn into reddish brown. Fall is the season we need to combine sour and sweet tastes when thinking about what to eat in yakuzen way. 

As the air and the plants get dry, our body as well gets dry. Once the cold air comes in before winter, depression and catching cold can be typical symptoms in fall. To prevent sore throat, constipation, and dry lung, yakuzen suggests to eat seasonal fruits with sour taste and a lot of moisture while avoiding spicy food which accelerates dryness. Yakuzen also tells us that ingredients in white can moist inside of our body. Fall is the time to recuperate from hot summer. 

Key words for fall ingredients in yakuzen concept:

  • White ingredients: daiko raddish, honey, tofu, white sesame, lotus root, lily bulb, etc.
  • Symptoms caused by dryness: ginkgo, sweet potato, taro, pine nut, apricot seed, etc.
  • Sour taste: apple, pear, grape, popmegranate, quince, hawthorn, etc.

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