More tips for morning sickness

After I wrote the last post, I found a very useful website about how to minimize your morning sickness. 

This article is simply written for every trimester to let us know tips to calm nausea as follows;

  1. Eating little and often, basing meals and snacks on starchy foods like bread, porridge, plain biscuits, crisp-breads, oatcakes, pasta, rice or potatoes.

  2. Minimizing fatty foods which are harder to digest.
  3. Choosing quick and easy recipes which need little preparation.
  4. Keeping a couple of plain biscuits beside your bed - it can help to nibble on one before you get up.

I would add "drink a lot of water" to the above. As for water you drink, water left in the room temperature is the best one to drink for any women. Water form the refrigerator is your enemy as it does cool your body instantly which you don't want. Try to drink warm or at least drink left in the room temperature.  I try to avoid ice cubes in my any drink, drink warm water right after I woke up, and have a cup of soup almost every night as a light dinner. I know a friend who melt s her ice cream before swallowing it! I think her case is too extreme but I admire her strong will that she does not want to cool her body.