Ginger to minimize morning sickness in first trimester

As a "mom-to-be", healthy eating habit was one of most interesting topics last year.  

I didn't suffer so much from morning sickness in the first trimester few months back. I felt sick when I was brushing my teeth. The taste of toothpaste lasted forever in my mouth even after eating some spicy food. But that was all. That was the end of my morning sickness story. As you know, every pregnancy is very unique to each woman and you wold never know you may suffer from morning sickness, literally every morning, or you may not suffer from it like me at all. 

I have a good news for pregnant ladies or ladies waiting to get pregnant! Ginger is a key to be (almost) free from nausea or morning sickness. Ginger has shogaol (shogool), B-carotene, VB1, VB2, calcium, etc. Ginger is a natural anti-emetic which helps to ease your nausea. 

In Japan where I live now, ginger is mainly used as a side dish like with sushi, sashimi, etc. to get rid of smell of fish and enhance your appetite; however, ginger in pregnancy case can play an important role to calm your nausea. 

One of well-known effectiveness of ginger can be a smoother of blood circulation. Better blood circulation makes your body warm. The more ginger, the more hotter! This may not known widely, I guess, but ginger can also help stopping nausea. In the yakuzen world, ginger is used for people with motion sickness, and of course for pregnant women. 

To minimize your morning sickness and maximize the effect of ginger, simply slice fresh ginger and put it in your tea cup. Simmer sliced ginger in your favorite tea an enjoy the spicy smell of it. Moderate volume of ginger is a key to minimize morning sickness. Moderate means one small spoon of grated raw ginger or 1g to 4g of dry ginger. 

Ginger is also effective to seasonal cold, diarrhea from being cold, and loss of appetite.


Function: Warm/Heat

Taste: Spicy