Yakuzen trend introduced by The Japan Times

Even before I started blogging, The Japan Times introduced what yakuzen really is and how much it has got popularity not only in Japan but the world, in its article

Around 2012, I recalled restaurants serving quality and authentic yakuzen, mainly in Tokyo area. The article introduced Oriental Recipe Cafe in Harajyuku, Tokyo. As you may know, Harajyuku is the most popular place for tourists and local teenagers. At that time, I was curious to see why they opened yakuzen restaurant which youngsters may not even be interedted in, in Harajyuku. On the other hand, it can be said Japanese teenagers are the most concsious population to sense what is in the trend. They are health conscious, beauty conscious, and healthy diet conscious. They should know what is going on in foodies world! Now, this restaurant runs stable business and is filled with many repeated customers.

Let's look at their menu. They serve lunch and dinner as well as light snacks.


  • Oriental salad with shrimp and singer
  • Coriander green salad
  • Quinoa and radish salad, etc.


  • Yakuzen nuts
  • Seasonal vegetable pickles
  • Chicken with black sesame sauce
  • Vegetable chips with yakuzen salt
  • Fried chicken with yakuzen salt, etc.

Main dish

  • Spicy shrimp
  • Chicken and basil dish
  • Quinoa and shrimp with mayonnaise sauce
  • Spicy tofu
  • Yakuzen chicken with nuts
  • Yakuzen curry, etc.

Everything sound so healthy and yum! I would love to visit this restaurant when visiting Tokyo next time. They also serve a great variety of Chinese herbal teas and today's dessert.