About me: Certified yakuzen consultant, Gerontologist

"You are what you eat." My favorite author, Michael Pollan, once beautifully said in his book. This was so true and several years before I read his book, I had realized it from the experience with my grandmother.

Here is little bit about me.

I am a girl in Japan who loves to eat. As a certified medicinal food (yakuzen) consultant and a gerontologist (a holder of MA in Gerontology), I have been building concepts/ideas to bloom and cherishing medicinal food I eat.

How I have got here originally came from the days and years spent with my grandmother and my experience being pregnant after years of wanting children by following her eating habit. "remedial spoon" is sort of dedicated to my grandmother who led me to be the person with passions for food in a medicinal food way.

My grandmother was a vegetarian who didn't accept any types of meat but had a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, occasionally seafood, and dairy products once in a blue moon. She had never forced us to follow her diet; however, as the extended family, we moderately followed the way she ate and the way she selected ingredients.

When she was 60, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and passed away 4 years later. We, the family, and herself were shocked by the fact of her diagnose as we all thought that she was the least human being who would had been diagnosed with colon caner! "Why? Why she had a cancer? She is a vegetarian!" This was our first reaction.

Since then, she had focused more on her vegetarian diet as she believed that she didn't have enough fiber. Her primary doctor had respected her eating habit, praised it, and encouraged it. But as years went by, the disease invaded her body and soul, and gradually decreased her appetite.

The family didn't know how to help her appetite increase, how to ease her pain, and how to face to death. I had wondered, then, what we should had done to prevent the disease progressed. This wonder of aging was my first path to lead me to become a gerontologist (MA in Gerontology).

Then, I wanted to know how types of food, combination of food, selection of food, and eating habit/diet would affect our health. This curiosity was my second path to change my life and had decide to be a medicinal food consultant.

My grandmother's eating habit sounds great but something must be missing and unbalanced. I had never known the real reasons why she had the disease.

As I mentioned, I wanted to have children many years. After several doctors later, I knew that my health in pregnancy-wise is perfect. I had come to the conclusion that I need to reinforce my diet in medicinal food way. With years of seeking medicinal food help, I could be pregnant! I may be categorized on the older side as a mother who conceived my baby when I was forty.  

The ultimate conclusion that I could find after being a medicinal food consultant is "Medicinal food diet is versatile and works in multiple ways from aging to conceiving babies. Well-balanced diet with a spoonful of help from medicinal food. Think, eat, and digest well."

Why not we maximize each ingredient's function and cook in the way we can let them be leading players for our health? We can be healthier and more beautiful if we could use food in a medicinal way.

I wish I could go back several years earlier while my grandmother was still alive and could tell her about my finding and knowledge.

I appreciate your time and interest in me.


Certified yakuzen consultant, Gerontologist


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